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Short film 2013

An Australian navy soldier's plan to propose to his girlfriend is interrupted as he witnesses her suspicious closeness with an attractive Sudanese bartender. A film about role stereotypes, jealousy and prejudice.



with: Benjamin J. Edwards , Taryn Eva , Ez Eldin Deng , David F. Passmore , Thomas Kay , Annie Thorold

Written, directed & edited by Julian Monatzeder

Camera: Joshua Cockfield

Sound: Jack Dyball

Production design: Avi Wanono

Costumes: Lauren Beck

Film music: Manfred Bandura, Dombrance

Sound design: Kaiser Tangso

Sound mixing: Ant Bohun

Color grading: Andrew Connel l

Photos: Daniel J. Bornstein


A production by the School of Film and Television, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne


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