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Documentary film series 2016-2018

The two documentaries REMEMBERING (ERINNERN) and WE WILL NOT FORGET (WIR WERDEN NICHT VERGESSEN) deal with the question of how remembrance work on the Holocaust with children and adolescents can look like at a time when there are hardly any contemporary witnesses left.

REMEMBERING potrays student Katharina Steinegger's research on the Jewish teacher Ferdinand Kissinger and follows her on her search for traces through Munich, Poland and Lithuania. Dealing with a personal fate is the focus of a school project in which almost forgotten biographies of victims of the Nazi regime are researched by the students themselves.

WE WILL NOT FORGET, the second film in the series,   introduces further innovative ways of remembrance work, such as tours organized by students through the Jewish history of their hometown, a self-developed audio guide for a walk through Jewish Munich, a research seminar on the Jewish past of the own school and other projects.




           A moving film. An impressive contribution to the sense of history and responsibility of the third and fourth generation after the Holocaust. Julian Monatzeder documents with a lot of empathy and sensitivity the need for a smart and sustainable culture of remembrance. His protagonists, especially the pupils, who get to the bottom of the individual fates of the persecuted and murdered, are role models for the important examination of the past, the Holocaust and its universal message for today."

Charlotte Knobloch on REMEMBERING, Bayerische Schule magazine (edition 06/2016)





Directed & Produced by Julian Monatzeder

Speakers: Judith Toth, Christian Baumann

Music: Florian Moser, Ina Meredi Arakelian

Sound mixing: Peter Riegel, Maik Siegle


A production of FITZROY FILM and the Bavarian Teachers' Association (BLLV).



Blog of the Dachau Memorial Book about the trip to Poland and Lithuania with Katharina Steinegger


Interview with Julian Monatzeder, Bayerische Schule (edition 06/2016)

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