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A party theatre night after Ernest Hemingway

Theatre production 2017

HAPPY HOUR is theatre play and safari club night in one. In the spirit of Hemingway, this free adaptation of "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" revolves around status, ecstasy and death. The safari from the short story turns into a party with music and cocktails.


The wealthy Macomber couple go on an adventure holiday in Africa. An exciting safari should give the rusty married life a new impetus. Experienced big game hunter Robert Wilson is hired to help Mr. Macomber succeed in hunting. But with every lion, every impala and every buffalo that falls victim to the ecstatic hunting frenzy, the safari is increasingly becoming a bitter struggle for power between the three protagonists.

In HAPPY HOUR, the safari holiday of Hemingway's short story from 1936 has been moved into a modern club hotel. The theatre night turns into an "all inclusive" safari adventure for the audience. There is African club music, dance performances, fitness, karaoke, a fashion show and the audience can order tropical cocktails at happy hour prices. In this sense, the title of the eveningcan be taken literally, but HAPPY HOUR also refers to the characters in Hemingway's story who are constantly on the lookout for the ultimate experience, a moment of self-fulfillment and ecstasy. The play eventually evolves into an actual club night and the viewers themselves become a party guest.


with: Mira Mazumdar, Benjamin Hirt, Alexander Landsberger, Benjamin J. Edwards

Director & DJ: Julian Monatzeder

Fashion show & costumes: Sandra Doerfel

After-show DJ and sound: Julian Scheufler

Photos: Frank Schroth

Graphic design: Carina Müller, Denise Jaeger

               A production of   HAPPY DRAMA



Julian Monatzeder in an interview with Michaila Kühnemann on Radio Munich (30.10.2017)

The actor Benjamin J. Edwards interviewed on SBS Radio

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