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Short film 2014

Australia 1853. One of the biggest gold rushs in history is at its peak. People come from all over the world to try their luck on the gold fields of the Australian outback. The young Danish soldier Morton Lund meets the Scottish gold mining veteran Jack Turnbull and his wife Harriet. Since Morton's youthful energy and Jack's experience complement each other perfectly, the two decide to join forces in the quest for gold. However, the deeper they dig and the closer they think they are to the great find, the more they come to their own abyss - until gread and envy finally take over.





with: Benjamin J. Edwards , Rikki-Lee Lacco , Xander Paterson , Rosemary Johns , Peter Freund , David F. Passmore , Tristan Barr , Emil Freund , Ying Fan, Van Tye, Michael Gosden

Writer, director & editor: Julian Monatzeder

Camera: Joshua Cockfield

Product design: Josephine Wagstaff

Costumes: Carolin Saan

Makeup: Nikki Harrison

Film music: Peter J. Corrigan

Color grading: Andrew Connell

Sound: David Marien

Editor: Julian Monatzeder

Sound design: Mark Farrow

Sound Mixing: Neil S. Bell

Production: Julian Monatzeder, Karl Svacic


A production by the School of Film and Television, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne



Film composer Peter J. Corrigan recording the soundtrack at Hothouse Studios St.Kilda in Melbourne

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